Thursday, 10 January 2013

Our Itinerary

It's a big world out there!
Christina writes: Here we are, close to leaving and our itinerary is now in place. It has been months in the planning, yet I have thoroughly enjoyed the research and preparation for such a big endeavour. What started out as a casual conversation over dinner in Portabello Road, London in July 2011 ("Hey why don't we put the business on the market and if it sells go travelling for three months or so...") has turned into a bigger than Ben Hur round the world trip. We have found ourselves in a remarkable situation - our business has sold, our boys are at a great age to travel. The Montessori school they attend has been very supportive of our wish to remove them from schooling for such a long period and the Perth rental market is out-of-control which gives us a healthy income while we are away. The question was no longer "should we go travelling?", instead  - "why shouldn't we?"
So here is a run down of the itinerary:
First stop Asia -  Vietnam - then on to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand - total 5 weeks
New Zealand - 2 weeks R&R, a time to catch up on homeschooling, laundry and western foods.
South America - 5 weeks covering Chile, Peru, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)  and Argentina
USA - 3 months
Europe - 3 months
Africa (Egypt and South Africa - about 3 weeks.)

Our airfares are locked in, so we know where and when we are flying into each spot. Most of Asia I have booked as a package through Travel IndoChina. We will be travelling independently but with a guide in each spot. South America I have done the same - travelling with kids and language barriers, we need all the help we can get. Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls we will be  by ourselves before heading up to the States. In the USA, we are free agents - and feel comfortable working things out once we get there. The same for Europe, just a Eurail pass at this stage until we meet up with friends in Spain. Egypt I have booked a family package tour - and we are looking forward to Ancient Wonders and snorkelling in the Red Sea. 

We are hoping to blog regularly to record our travelling adventure - most likely Craig as the wordsmith and me as the photographer.

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