Thursday, 28 February 2013

Favourite Foods in Asia

Christina writes: Now that our time has ended in Asia, I thought I would do a quick food round-up of some of our favourite food experiences. While I didn't take photos of everything we ate, I did capture some of the more interesting regional food we tried. My favourite cuisine was Vietnamese - beautiful greens and lots of flavours without too much chili. I'm not adverse to a bit of heat in my food, but to taste the flavours I normally associate with Thai cookery without the chili was a revelation. Throughout Asia we ate lots of seafood, lots of rice or rice noodles and lovely green veg. And all of it was inexpensive.

Cha Ca - catfish cooked with fresh greens and served with rice noodles, herbs, peanuts and sweet sauce

Rear: Green papaya salad and in front, fresh springrolls - made by us at our cooking class

White Rose Dumplings - a Hoi An specialty Pork and prawns shaped inside to look like an open rose.

The cakes at Cargo - Hoi An
Including my personal favourite, White Choco Kalua Cake

"Three Friends" Pork, Prawn and Mint.

Banh Xeo - pancakes that look like omlette (although they contain no eggs, turmeric gives them their colour)

Take a pancake, fill it with greens

Then wrap the whole lot in a soft rice paper and dip in fish sauce

Mekong Delta specialty: Elephant Ear Fish - take a flaky pice of the fish, wrap in rice paper and dip into spicy/sweet sauce

Cambodian deep fried crickets

Fish Amok - delicate flavours of lemongrass, garlic, galangal, chili and coconut - a Cambodian favourite

Laos HotPot BBQ

Street Food in Thailand

Delicious and cheap!

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