Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mountains and lakes and a time to relax

Christina writes: This is what I saw as I got off the plane in Queenstown. Big mountains and bright blue clear sky. The air was dry - not a hint of humidity. The sun was warm as we crossed the tarmac, yet there was a soft breeze with a crisp clean feel to it. After more than a month in Asia, it was a gift and I breathed it all in and felt blessed. New Zealand is a holiday in our holiday - a chance to recharge and catch up on laundry and homeschooling. 
We stayed in the idyllic Lake Hawea, in my friend's holiday home, right on the lake. Just out that gate and down a little path and you are on the pebbled beach of the clearest lake I have ever seen. The weather was warm and hardly any wind so the lake was calm and still.

Perfect lake and shoreline for skimming stones - I tried and tried, finally mastering it before we left.
The boys loved the lake - it was cold but they didn't mind

The stones - in water - the water is so clear you cannot see it.
We ate out a few times, however I enjoyed cooking after such a long break from it and consequently we had some of the best meals at home. NZ produce and wine is amazing.
Slow cooked lamb shanks with a salad of eggplant and goat cheese

In Wanaka, a great place for coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream and hand made chocolates.
In ten days we went here eight times

And also visited their airport branch before heading North

One last coffee and Alfajor for the road...

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