Sunday, 14 April 2013

What the CVW's ate in South America

Christina writes: Okay - we ate a lot of different things in our travels through South America. I've put together some photos of some of the highlights. Pet lovers, don't despair  we did not eat guinea pigs - although they did appear on numerous menus.

A popular street drink, 'Mote con Huesillos' wheat topped with a boiled dried peach and then a sweet cold peach juice syrup.

Empanadas - we had lots - Charlie's favourite was prawn and cheese

Seafood restaurant - including seafood shaped bread

House special - mixed seafood


Best ice-cream in Santiago - Rosa's.
Best flavour: Rose

Pisco Sour - this was my first, certainly not my last!
More seafood - this time to share - we couldn't help it, Chile was full of it.

Pastel de Choclo, a corn pie with raisins, olives and chicken
Which would you choose - chocolate mousse or a croissant filled with warm dulce de leche?

Tequenos - a cheesy pastry served with avocado
Tres leches cake topped with meringue - very sweet

More Pisco Sours  - Chile and Peru both claim them as their own
Kind of like Australia and NZ and the Pavlova war

Juanes - rice filled maranta leaves, steamed

Palometa Fish

Chili sauce - little chilis in grapefruit juice - perfect spicy dressing for the fish

Shimbillo Pods

Also known as ice cream fruit, because when you suck the pod, that's what it tastes like

Banana chips - salty, not sweet

Ceviche, served with crunchy corn

More Pisco Sours - this time in Cusco (do you see a theme developing here??)

Crepe, filled with dulce de leche

Huge sushi platter for two - this time great seafood in Ecuador

Best Brownie ever - Mindo Chocolate

What do you spread on your toast when you can't buy Promite??  Dulce de Leche! 

Best ice cream flavour? You guessed it, dulce de leche
Great bread basket in Buenos Aires

Okay, this is breaded chicken, which is a pretty standard dish, but the reason it gets a place on this page is that I ate it EVERY night for THREE nights in a row at Iguazu falls. It was that good. And the rest of the menu was very limited
Okay my Pisco Sour and Dulce de Leche binge is over, I will start eating healthy in the USA. That won't be a problem will it??

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